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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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executive director and employees acknowledges the services that ms. johnson has provided to ocii and by this resolution expressed to ms. johnson it's appreciation of work well done and thanks for the dedication for public service and success in all her future endeavors >> okay. i'm still the chair of this meeting but thank you to the staff and fellow commissioners i'm proud to have been acknowledged by this administration and mayor newsom's administration for the work you've done and given the opportunity to serve a community with you served hunters point shipyard and treasure island i've not been there and taken the work and to all of you i
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wouldn't be here without the size and help of you fiascos it's weird i'm sitting up here by i guess i'll sit up here in taking public comment. >> can members of the public please come to the podium in this order. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm katherine reilly i want to say thank you very much you've provided great leadership when it was a difficulty 7, 8, 9 as a staff person your tough you give staff the opportunity to problem solve and i appreciate that. i think overall for the entire community i've appreciated that especially with the leadership you've provided second thirz
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down the road from your highway we have meetings so, please we'll miss you and thank you. >> commissioner johnson i've been working with christen johnson and still remember my first meeting because she was asking a bunch of questions i thought oh, this must be her area of expertise but i kept attending meetings and every area is her area of expertise she's such a knowledgeable person that researchers every aspect to make sure there is no outcome that's optional and her
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commitment to the communities are 33 very impressive and it's surprising to see her do all the work at the cac and the commission so thank you. >> congratulations it's well deserved it's a great opportunity you're one of the rare individual that has the technical expertise i think you'll be an amazing asset for the commission you've increased all our workload (laughter) that is the first time you you've discussed memos we should add that in because christen is going to ask your attention to there will and all the time you came in and wanted to see the
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straight and a fellow bicyclists like myself it pushed us to do a better job because we knew nothing you were going to be pushing and in general so congratulations again and look forward to seeing you on the other side. >> (calling names). >> commissioner johnson wow. allocate person we didn't expect to see leave us so soon the commission is lucky to have you, i don't know how long upper on the cac 7 or 8 years you're one of the few communicated members that read everything had of the given you so we had to be
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careful and i said don't be afraid of that and the same thing on the commission all the commissioners are great we love having the folks who represented sort of a lot of the work and christen you guys altogether have helped raise the bar and so thank you for everything and we'll continue to work together in the future. >> thanks. >> commissioner johnson i'm so stad sad we're losing you but happy for the planning commission you're leaving this agency better than you left it you reviewed items and left no stone unturned and pushing us to make our projects better are we
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serving the community and structuring this in the best way and meeting our obligations no contractors you asked the tough questions we appreciate our hard work and we'll miss you. >> i'll say i'm wells lawson i want to echo everyone they've stolen my material the depth of the analysis is quite awesome and i'm wanting to commend you for the time and effort it's an incredible commitment that's not lost on staff who also echoing katherine i appreciated your collaborative approach trying to understand what the initials are thank you for the details you've left the commission and agency
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better than it was before you came >> doris synsent again, we appreciate and we're very proud of having been one of the youngest members here and doing tremendous work i'm speaking for myself and ms. nixon i'll sure on and on other folks would have been here if they didn't have other things going on so here's our good i didn't bag. >> thank you all right. and thank you. we'll keep it brief it is weird i expect to be roasted by you guys and move into the rest of our agenda.
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>> why are you leaving us to go to planning that was reflected in the minutes and i still haven't got an answer. when we started as a commission the 5 of us i thought we'd be teeth for 5 years you've done an amazing job christen i've been here every week hearing you and definitely going to miss you, your on my phone speed dial >> you'll have to speak to the mayor's office about that and but come back. >> i echo what she said why are you leaving us it's not been two years i so much will miss and appreciate i very much appreciate how you manage our
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meters very thorough and professional you really read everything i'm amazed i don't know when you sleep but you get into the details and the first time i met you, we had coffee and i asked you why i want to be chair and you gave me 3 reasons i know you're going to go far maybe we shedding should get our autograph before you become president and the intelligence you bring to our work is very impressive i'm glad i got to know you here in the commission. really, you know, good luck with our next venture
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>> thank you everyone i have the negotiation skills. thank you. can we move on and save the pictures until the last. wait we didn't vote on a resolution >> christen i don't know, you before the commission. but you're a very smart girl i'm going to miss you >> i'll be down the hall guys. let's wait a second. yeah, so all those signatures. and madam secretary we have a motion and second roll call >> commissioners please. commissioner mondejar. commissioner singh.
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commissioner rosales. commissioner johnson. abstained >> (laughter). >> madam chair the vote is 3 i's and now back to me okay (clapping). >> man i'm going to have to tone it down. okay. so let's move on to the next item i'll be reimbursing myself ooij i'm on the housing that has a partnership to work on the element i'll be recuseing myself. >> the next order of business is 5 f and g will be called
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together and voted on separately authorizing a permanent agreement electro, llc for a total amount of $89 million $21 million plus for a 93 unit for the self-for agent public site consisting of replacing affordable housing units 211 and adapting and to the california bayview hunters point project area discussion and action resolution and item 5 g authorizing a permanent loan agreement for a total amount of 25 miles plus for a sf hope for the agent housing xhfthding of
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other housing units in an environmental findings pursuant to the resolution 56, 2014. madam director >> thank you members of the public commissioners and vice chair commissioner rosales it's truly an exciting gateway day one that has many, many years in the making and there are a number of staff in this room who have participated in this you've heard from previous speakers that the complete rebuild of the alice griffith it's a priority of this commission and all the way down to the staff level you'll hear from them pr with our development partners we're
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pleased to bring that with that, i'd like to ask elizabeth to present good afternoon. i'm elizabeth the specialist. go e do we need to switch the power point. okay. thank you. so i'm sure you're aware of lenore is the master developer for the bayview hunters point and the candle stick point area which includes the revitalization of alice griffith as a mixed income service
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enriched community. hope st. is american people initiative being put into practice to reenvision the housing distressed sites they entered into a d da with dp development corporation which defines the rolls and responsibilities related to the shipyard phase two and candle stick point the housing plan component of the d da specifically described the rolls and responsibilities of the alice griffith. for the terms of d da lanar will complete the infrastructure and they selected m bs to develop the affordable housing at alice lenore and others key elements are the housing authority and
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the urban strategy for the program at alice griffith we have two new development team members i'll introduce in a minute. here's the current condition of the site including the haven't land where they'll be built and first i'm going to give you a little bit of background i want to make sure you see that. the mba and housing authority were award a thirty and a half millions choice neighborhoods or c n i grant some for construction of the number two, new county i unit at alice griffith. the c n i funding the most important is the statutory obligation that a portion of the fund be delivered and a portion by december 2017 the fund being
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united used at alice griffith in 5 phases. here's the site map of the affordable care act development that included refurbishment thought that 2 hundred plus affordable a units the first 3 large blocks with the 2 first phases outlines in blue 33 in order to allow alice griffith tenants to have roenls to the existing homes the first phases will be constructed open vacant land opposite the vacant unit this is owned by the state parks in compliance with a transfer agreement the state parks will transfer that to ocii and the land will be transferred to the
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housing authority so all the new affordable development will be built on housing authority land once the units are built the land will be transferred to lenore and inclusionary housing. the staff along with with the housing authority are working on a master agreement and we anticipate bringing that to you this september. here's a description of the types of unit and incomes to be served the 5 hundred and 4 affordable units and the replacement unit will serve families below 50 percent of a middle-class m i or people with 40 thousand under. and the 3 hundred and
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inclusionary unit will be serving one hundred and two a m i a family of four earning between one hundred 17 to one hundred 50 thousand a year in order to meet the deadline the replacement components of alice griffith will be prioritized phases 210 east one to 3 are subject to the deadlines and phase one and two will be to constructed next year. phase 3450e will begin in late 2016. consist with this reciprocate will remain on site during the construction they will be phased with new unit be constructed before the homes are demolished
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the families will only have to move ones and all taints in good standing will have an opportunity to relocate. urban strategies have been providing services since 2010 to make sure they'll be able to participate in the new planning development and make sure their successful in the new alice griffith this includes the job readiness and workforce referrals and access to health care and services and educational enhancements at nearby schools and access to preschool programs and violence programs. currently, they've obeying being funded on site this does not go past 2017 the city will provide the same services after the
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completion and make sure those services are well sdwrathd into the city's per care. per the d da they include the finance sources such low income housing credits and as well as the subsidy from c n r the subsidy is 90 thousand for the housing replacement and for the affordable unit for $40 million. the ocii is set at $62 million but beyond the traditional sources are subcontracted from occ contribution of this 24 million is to be used for alice
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griffith it's $346 million now. since the alice griffith budget was created in 2010 and occ misunderstands the start of construction on each phase the d da said the costs will be funded after maximizing all the occ sources the total costs will be for any phase exceeds the phase originally projected the excess of the t d clshgs be a cost overrun so that's the common understanding of the phase really their post (off the record.) costs if there's cost increases the c p company must cover the
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replacement units and occ must cover the affordable units. the alice griffith redevelopment is broadly supported and the alice griffith in the hunters point shipyard resulted in extensive public review in hundreds of meetings the or cac have supported and the cac continues to support the development of alice griffith it has an active residence and depth team along with occ meets regularly the alice griffith tenants have shown strong support so far the revitalization and as you approve the predevelopment loans they've been involved in the
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resign for the new development. today, we're going to ask for the permanent loans for the first two phases of alice griffith the first two blocks create a gateway to the alice griffith neighborhood connecting the affordable housing with the mixed use community and existing single-family homes. phases one and two will be elevator building 93 in phase one and 43 in phase two approved by the commission in january and i've approved the first phase-in april of this year. swingers last before you we have other team members and we've partnered with the housing
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authority e.r. sf hd c guess to be the partner and the corporation or t cdc for the nonprofit partner the nonprofits act as the credit tax. and the two companies will develop the plans to be sure we're aware of the phases one and two at alice griffith and the two companies will participate in the operation of the project and partnerships. phase one and two are in their demonstrate periods there's a gap commitment to apply for the bond financing. as i described the financing plans will have master fund subsidies and others financing.
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a disbursement the tax exempt bond loans of approximately $30 million each with interest rates of 4 percent. the project didn't cover a mortgage but the developer and ocii staff expect to add those budgeted back into the incorporation of the budget. the housing authority including the pb b and the development team along with the city and ocii staff are working to apply for the vouchers each of the proposed loans is approximately $22 million a one comprised of
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the cost amazes as shown here. yuks costs is based on on the estimates joint venture of the bainz group in mar 2014 and they've increased the budget due to the more refined costs in the industry. the cost containment will be at the forefront and talk about the schematic designs the ocii and city staff will identify the valuable prosecutors and contain the costs we're apple track for 2015 we must complete phases one
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and two and on track to be done in july 2016 we must be complete by 2017 and we're on track. and this is a reminder of the reason for and the end goal the current conditions. before i wrap i do want to give you a quick productive on affordable care act in a few months we'll be back related to the work at alice griffith and the master plan that governors the land transfer and early next year we'll be back for a permit request and that concludes my presentation. but we have a bunch of people from m bs
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(calling names) are here from lanar and urban strategies and dr. james from t cdc and others. and helen hale you've heard from and also several residents that were planning on being here i can't say enough about their involvement and for those meetings. so they've been very involved and, of course, i'm happy that wells is here we certainly that wouldn't be here without him that concludes my presentation. we're here to answer questions >> thank you. do we have any speaker cards >> then - okay.
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and doris synvicinity >> yes. that was her statement. >> any other speaker cards. >> no other speaker cards. >> do the commissioners have any comments. >> everyone on the project please stand up. >> okay. thank you. i have a questioning couple of questions. commissioner singh has a couple of questions for staff >> i said there are a 5 hundred permanent loan